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The curious trend that started in Japan has blown up in China.

An interesting trend is emerging online in China as large numbers of women are showing off their “gripping” skills with alternative parts of their body. Women in China are posting pictures of their underboob holding up a variety of cylindrical objects such as pens, make-up brushes, and even bottles.

▼ Pictured: Non-typical use for a marker pen.

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People are uploading these pictures on social media under the hashtag #carrypenunderbreast, usually with a caption that says, “Pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman,” because apparently, only true women can store things there. These well-endowed women are showing off how busty they are by taking the challenge to a higher difficulty level, holding up larger and heavier objects.

underboob 4

Not to be left out, some men have even joined the craze, posting their own pictures at attempting to hold objects with their pecs. Their results have definitely been less successful and a different kind of tantalizing. This is one wild Internet craze you can try yourself at home, but we ask our readers not to post their results in the comments section below!

Source: AOL News.
Images: YouTube/TomoNews Philippines (Filipino)