From espresso cats to cappuccino kittens, coffees with matching felines are the purr-fect afternoon pick-me-up.

When Russian artist Elena Efremova sits down to enjoy a coffee, she sees more than just caffeine; she sees cats. All different types, in fact, according to the style of coffee drink and the variety of deep brown and caramel hues they contain. In her gorgeous series of illustrations entitled “Coffee Cats”, Efremova says each cat “has its own character, as well as every type of coffee has its own flavour.”

Let’s see which cat you’ve been drinking lately!

The Espresso Cat is dark and mysterious, with a rich coat and bright eyes. It’s alert and ready to pounce at any moment, much like the espresso drinker once they’ve had a strong jolt of caffeine.

The Latte Cat, on the other hand, is warm, fluffy and content.

The Macchiato Cat, created from an espresso with a small amount of foamed milk, is a slow creeper. Much like a feline waking up from a short nap, about to jump up and enjoy some playtime.

The Cappuccino Cat is content to take a break while spread out on the floor, probably bathed in sunshine. The eyes on this kitten suggest that break-time should be taken seriously.

The Americano Cat emphasises its long length with a good stretch. That’s one cat we could happily pat all day.

Glace Coffee Cats are particularly adorable, embodying the deliciously perfect marriage of dark coffee and light-coloured ice cream.

The Morning Coffee Cat was created in the southeastern French region of Provence, where provincial attitudes to mornings focus on relaxation. We wish all mornings could be like this!

With so many different types of caffeine-based drinks in the world, we can’t wait to see more additions to the coffee cat collection. And if the artist needs to find a home for them, a Japanese cat cafe might be the perfect place!

Source: Instagram/where_summer_is (h/t Bored Panda)
Images: Instagram/where_summer_is