This item of clothing has Japanese Twitter users wondering if women wearing business shirts are actually showing us their underwear.

The internet is once again being used as a platform to ask and answer the world’s hard-hitting questions, this time pondering: is this business shirt actually underwear?

Bringing the debate under the spotlight is crossdressing male cosplay enthusiast @poco67, who posted the image of this unusual button-up shirt on Twitter, writing: “I’m excited to know that these shirts exist, but aren’t they really underpants? Sure, it looks like you’re wearing a shirt, but aren’t you actually wearing underpants?”

▼ In Japan, this is being sold as the “tunagi” shirt, or “connecting” shirt, as it connects the blouse to the wearer’s underwear.


The topic struck a chord with fellow Internet users, with the image being retweeted more than 3,000 times. Fascinated readers didn’t know whether to love or hate the garment, leaving comments like:

“This is erotic”

“This has been invented by the devil”

“This business shirt is definitely underwear”

“I imagine the shirt smells like women’s bloomers”

“Career women who want to look good in trousers will probably really like this”

“Does that mean women have to totally strip off when they go to the bathroom?”


Responding to the obvious need for a quick education in the basics of bodysuits, and raining on everyone’s parade in the process, one Twitter user pointed out that this type of outfit snaps together at the waist for ease of use. They also mentioned that this style was once commonplace, particularly in the form of long bodysuits known as “union suits”, even tweeting an excerpt from Wikipedia to prove it.

Another Twitter user who had never seen this type of clothing before was inspired to create an image of Hatsushimo from the video game Kantai Collection wearing the unusual business shirt.

What do you think of the business shirt? Is it gross or sexy; convenient or cumbersome? Maybe it’s time to bring them back?

Source: Kinisoku
Top Image: Twitter/@poco67 (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: Rakuten/Kawashima Clothing SARA