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We’ve found a hilarious quiz that is going to test your Japanese cinema knowledge. Can you get a passing grade?

American-made movies are big money in Japan. The only issue that has to be ironed out before release is trying to come up with a movie title that is relatable to the average Japanese movie goer. In the past, we’ve brought you plenty of examples of movie titles in Japan that went off the rails at some point during localisation to become a completely unrelated mash of words.

In fact, the link between the English and Japanese titles of a movie would make an excellent test of how much someone really understands Japan. Could there be any patterns to the madness?

▼ Watch the video and play along!

English may not be the official language of Japan, but some of these titles really make you wonder if they even bothered to watch the movies they were re-titling or just arbitrarily came up with a new title based on the poster.

▼ With these stellar options, which one is the right answer?

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▼ How about the Japanese title for Bring It On?

movie 3

▼ Napoleon Dynamite?

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Thanks to Dogen and his special guest, Jason, for the great video (and the shout-out!). If you managed to get more than half of the titles correct, you deserve a serious pat on the back.

Source & Screenshots: YouTube/Dogen

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