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It’s exhilarating to see a kid hit a fast-moving baseball, but this probably wasn’t the result this dad wanted.

In a video that would fit right in at “Japan’s Funniest Home Videos”, a young boy was getting his first taste of swinging a bat at his local batting cage when things got a little out of control. A parent or baseball enthusiast offered some coach-like advice to the young slugger by saying, “Watch your right foot. Yes, there you go. Nice,” and then…kin!

The baseball hit him square in the “golden balls” (a direct translation of “kintama,” the Japanese word for, um, the “family jewels”). We’re guessing that someone so young doesn’t quite understand that level of pain yet, so all he can do is stand curiously by as the grown man rolls around on the ground. The camera man also can’t seem to contain his laughter — though there also might be a slight hint of relief in his voice that it’s not him down in the fetal position.

Watching the video over and over again, it’s almost hard to imagine a way for the ball to have come off the kid’s bat at that perfectly straight angle. And how lucky is it that the camera had panned towards the helpful adult? Either way, it’s comedy gold!

So, remember the golden rule: Whether you’re a baseball expert or it’s your first time at bat, wear a cup!

Source: grape
Top Image: Twitter/@PSSYSreGFD1cHpf