Sometimes, even boxes just feel like dancing.

“Dance like no one is watching,” or so the saying goes. As someone who doesn’t dance regardless of who may or may not be looking, I prefer to leave the hot moves to the professionals…or adorable animated boxes.

A new video from Malaysian animation group VS GAG shows the smooth moves of Japan’s beloved Danbo (also known as Danboard). If this doesn’t get you smiling this Monday, we’re guessing your team lost in the Superb Owl…

▼ Box is love. Box is life.

In case you missed the videos we featured last month, VS GAG is still a relatively young animation group — but they’re definitely talented! And we have to say we really enjoy their sense of humor. Be sure to check out their other videos featuring Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and others!

And if you’re looking for something a bit more serious but equally awesome, we suspect you’ll enjoy these pen-and-ink illustration of a road trip through the world of Ghibli.

Source and featured image: YouTube/VS GAG