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This is easily the best way to get around Taipei.

Cosplay” may be a contraction of the words “costume” and “play,” but dedicated cosplayers don’t stop at just recreating a character’s outfit. If you’re going the whole nine yards, you’ll also want to consider replicating your anime or video game muse’s other iconic accessories.

Taiwanese YouTuber Yes Ranger recently decided to dress up as Goku, hero of martial arts action saga Dragon Ball. But while countless other fans have slipped on Goku’s distinctive orange gi, Yes Ranger went one step further by also crafting the hero’s magical Flying Nimbus cloud, then riding it around the streets of Taipei.

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While Goku eventually acquires sufficient mastery of his chi to fly, earlier in the Dragon Ball storyline he travels through the sky while perched on the mystical cloud, which was given to him by Master Roshi.

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Strict purists will no doubt point out that Yes Ranger failed to spike his hair up like Goku, and also that his too-cool-for-school sunglasses don’t really fit with the Dragon Ball protagonist’s unassuming personality. Given the fact that he’s riding the Flying Nimbus at some pretty high speeds, though, we’ll give him a pass for wanting some sort of wind-blocking eyewear.

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Yes Ranger also gets extra points for remembering that the cloud can only be ridden by someone pure of heart. In keeping with that provision, he obediently follows all traffic regulations.

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He also makes time to play with the kids he meets along the way, providing smiles along with high-fives and fist bumps.

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If you can’t resist the desire to know how Yes Ranger pulled it off, you can watch this explanation of what went into the making of his Flying Nimbus.

Or, you can keep the sense of wonder alive by just watching the video of him drifting effortlessly about Taipei one more time.

Source: Anime News Network
Images: YouTube/葉式特工