This sketch is amazing…almost as amazing as Shabani’s gorgeous, steely eyes!

There’s no question that Shabani is the most handsome gorilla we’ve ever seen — and we’re not the only ones who think so! His popularity has spread quite a bit in the last few months — enough that Pentel, the Japanese stationery company known in particular for their mechanical pencils, featured the stud in a new commercial.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, shows the recording of an artist sketching Shabani over 20 hours sped-up and condensed into about 20 seconds.

The hook is that the illustrator managed to complete this lengthy drawing using only one stick of 0.2 mm lead, which brings up something we never really even thought about before. Just how long should one stick of lead last? Is this actually a significant improvement? Should we actually be impressed? We’re not sure, but we do like the drawing! The the video also extols how thin the lead is and the fact that it (apparently) never breaks, both of which seem like good characteristics for a mechanical pencil to have.

In the end, there’s no doubting the skill of the artist, who produced one hell of an illustration! We’re suitably impressed and if we were proper artists, we’d probably at least want to give the Orenz Metal Grip a good trial run.

But we’re not, so instead we’ll just sit back and enjoy the art others’ have created!

Sources: ITMedia, YouTube/Pentel Official Channel
Featured image: YouTube/Pentel Official Channel