Because what else would you do in a Sailor Moon bikini?

When people go skiing, snowboarding, or generally do anything in the snow, they tend to bundle up from head to toe, as one does when faced with temperatures around or below freezing.

But not this girl. Russian cosplayer Yuliya, better known on social media as Yukiko Ai, suited up in nothing but a bikini designed to resemble Sailor Moon’s school uniform from the well-known and loved anime series, and, with a GoPro and selfie-stick in hand, recorded a few smooth runs down a snow-covered slope on her snowboard.

I guess growing up in Saint Petersburg, where the average summer temperature is just 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average winter low is −8.5 degrees Celsius (16.7  degrees Fahrenheit), cold weather probably doesn’t bother you as much as it does the average person. Still, that must have been one pretty icy fall at the 45-second mark!

This isn’t the first time Yukiko has hit the slopes in costume; she has also recently made an appearance as Pikachu, which seems to us to be a more seasonally appropriate choice.

Of course, that isn’t to undermine her graceful run as Sailor Moon. I mean, how many of you would head out for a night snowboarding clad in nothing more than your underwear?

To see more of Yukiko’s cosplay photos, from both on and off snowy mountains, you can check out her Instagram or VK profile.

Source and top image: YouTube/Fun Factory via AOL News