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A Japanese hobbyist spent six months drawing a massive and complex maze on a wall-sized sheet of paper. Thankfully, he filmed the whole thing and set it to some catchy J-Pop for our viewing pleasure.

When we first saw this video of a hobbyist artist drawing up an enormous and complicated paper maze over the course of six months, we fully intended to skip around to quickly get to the finished product. Six and a half minutes later, we realized we’d been so mesmerized by the time-lapse footage — set to some retro game-inspired J-pop — that we watched the entire thing and would have gladly gone back for a second viewing,

Background info is a little lacking on this alternative work of art, but it’s pretty clear it isn’t the artist’s first crack at maze drawing. The huge endeavor, according to the video description and brief intermissions within the video, took six months of constant drawing in the artist’s free time.

The video first debuted on Japan’s Niconico Video a couple of days ago and has since been keeping Japanese viewers entranced ever since, but we went with the YouTube version below because, frankly, embedding Niconico stuff is a headache. Enjoy!

The clear drawing talent of the artist aside, a few questions do remain. Most burning, of course, being: Does this maze actually have a solution, or is it just a bunch of disconnected, maze-like lines? Either way, it’s clearly more productivity over a six-month period than we’ve ever displayed in our entire lives. Plus, the work becomes even more amazing when you consider the way the artist has separated parts of the maze into themed areas; some areas are geometric and squarish, while others are rounded and looping, and still others represent things like continents in their shape.

ScreenHunter_323 Feb. 16 16.48

Be sure to stick around until the very end of the video, by the way. Instead of selling off the maze or framing it, the artist just goes ahead and burns the entire thing. Possibly because the artist didn’t want to have to solve the damn thing his/herself after spending six months just drawing it.

Source: YouTube/nana825763 h/t NariNari
Images: YouTube/nana825763