Now it’s time to bare your bear in the bedroom.

Hot on the heels of the sexy cat lingerie we featured last month comes another predator ready to release its claws in the bedroom. The “Kaizoku Kuma” or “Pirate Bear” lingerie set features five beautiful pieces, all with adorable details designed to steal your partner’s heart and whatever else it might find underneath the sheets.

The top half of the set features a bear with two fangs, sleepy, come-to-bed eyes and dropped shoulder sleeves to resemble ears. The attached suspenders keep it in place while the cropped design lets the wearer round out the bear face with a good display of underboob, bringing out a nice, full pair of cheeks.


The set also includes two furry hair ties and a pair of knee-high stockings with one white and one black leg. To dress up your talons, there’s a pair of black, elbow-length fingerless gloves with an adorable bear-pad design on the palms. The panties included in the set feature a cute bear-shaped keyhole design on the back, where you can show off some eye-catching butt cleavage.


Finding a bear in the bedroom will be a rare experience until the set becomes available in Japan in mid-March for 5,400 yen (US$47.94). Currently, Chinese brand Nonori, the makers of the lingerie, are offering up seven sets for sale via lottery to users who follow their official Twitter account and retweet their “Kaizoku Kuma” notice announcement below before 27 February.

For those who miss out on the pre-sale lottery, the sets will be available from Japanese retailer Sucredoll or the Nonori store at Yahoo Auctions, which will go live from the middle of March.

Source: ITmedia
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