Cosplaying becomes infinitely more magical when it’s immortalised as anime-style artwork.

Cosplayers around the world are catching on to a new trend, and it ‘s all to do with the simple hashtag #絵師さんにイラスト化してほしい画像をレイヤーが垂れ流す, which can be translated as: “Images put out by cosplayers who want artists to transform them into illustrations”.

Artists are lapping up the opportunity to illustrate the creative cosplayers, responding with some of the most gorgeous anime-style makeovers we’ve ever seen!

https://twitter.com/_ta_i_ga_/status/696677892772605953 https://twitter.com/____MoonRiver/status/700543625134891008 https://twitter.com/minagiannu/status/700527877322747905 https://twitter.com/nyanko_project2/status/692674730675974145

▼ You don’t have to be dressed up as a girl, though; these male characters are equally compelling in illustrated form.

https://twitter.com/ogisakusan/status/696510642916708352 https://twitter.com/mofunari_take/status/692332947962068992

Twitter user @nekomata is one of the most active artists, responding to cosplayer requests with beautiful images that retain the features of the cosplayer and their garment, while adding a bit of sparkly anime magic as well.





This cosplayer says the moment she received a direct message from an artist to let her know she had been illustrated, she fell off her chair in the middle of work!


The same thing could very well happen to you — just remember to tweet your photo with the hashtag #絵師さんにイラスト化してほしい画像をレイヤーが垂れ流す, then sit back and wait to see if an artist picks up your work!

Source: Twitter
Top Image: Twitter/@arann3331, Twitter/@nekomata