Which pair of boobies provides a perfect surface for landing? Let the science begin!

Unless you’re employed by your local government’s Department of Boobs and Boobological Research, this article probably isn’t safe for work.

Every year, the Japanese government spends billions of yen in taxpayers’ money trying to promote tourism to country by exporting and highlighting Japanese anime, electronics, fashion, music, and traditional arts through its “Cool Japan” campaign, despite some high-profile critics.

Likewise, web-based company TOKYOSOKO, Inc., claims that Japan’s best attraction isn’t any one of the “Cool” things listed above; according to them, the country’s true charm stems from the Japanese female population’s terrific tatas, which based on previous studies, appear to be increasing in size.

To prove their claim, they’ve been conducting a number of experiments as part of video web series, called Cool Japai, a combination of “Cool Japan” and one of the Japanese words for “boobs”oppai (all in the name of science and tourism promotion, of course).

Each video features five models with differing cup sizes. Among them are model Mikako and AV actresses Momo Momomiya and P-chan.

▼ Left to right: Mikako, Momo Momomiya, and P-chan


But what exactly are these experiments out to do?  Why, just answer some of the most important questions mankind has ever thought to ask, including: “What size boobies make the perfect drone landing field?”

So tell us Rocketeers, what’s your hypothesis? Will it be A-cup, B-cup, D-cup, F-cup, or P-cup?

Skimming the comments on the video, it seems some users were concerned with some of the finer details of the video like:

“I noticed one of the pasties on the F-cup girl’s breasts was starting to come off~ (^_^;”

“That little quad seems to have a nice camera. Anyone know the brand/model?”

“Is this some kind of new AV company?”

“Don’t the B-cup model’s boobs look bigger the D-cup model’s?”

Just in case you, too, were too focused on the specifics behind the experiment or on the subjects themselves and missed the result of each mammary mission, here’s a quick recap:

▼ The results are in! At least in this case, it appears bigger is better!


Thanks to TOKYOSOKO, Inc. the mystery is solved, and now we can all go back to whatever we had planned for the day (which I’m sure doesn’t now include Googling videos of any of the models above, right?).

Still, if you need a little more “bounce” on your break, here’s another volume about which cup size makes the best “breast gate” for your toy train set.

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Top image: YouTube/TOKYOSOKO, Inc.
Insert images: YouTube/TOKYOSOKO, Inc., Twitter/@mikakomuraki, Twitter/@momomiyamomo, Twitter/@fuko0210 (edited by RocketNews24)