fog 1

Tokyo would probably be one of the creepiest cities if it were abandoned and covered with fog.

Any gamer who is a fan of the survival horror genre knows that thick fog plus eerie noises equals the very best atmosphere. Those games love to put you in situations where your visibility is poor and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around you beyond the dense, encompassing fog. Residents of the hilly rural areas of Japan are pretty familiar with fog so thick you can barely see 10 feet in front of you, but citizens of Tokyo don’t often get to experience that kind of weather.

When something like that settles onto the concrete jungle, it seems like the perfect time to get out your cameras and capture Tokyo in a different light.

▼ It starts…

▼ It’s a completely different city with the lights dimmed like this.

▼ Feels a little like X-Files in Japan

▼ If you’ve got creepy fog, there have to be creepy trees too.

▼ Hello, Silent Hill!

What we love the most about the fog is how it seems to hush the normal hustle and bustle of Tokyo and makes the huge, sprawling city look so calm. The glowing lights act like a warm beacon, beckoning us towards them until a car or a train roars by and breaks up the illusion.

▼ Watch the fog literally roll in.

At least we can remember that moment of peace when we look at these lovely pictures.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@tokyo_cityview