Because a title like that would never raise any eyebrows, right?

Okay, I admit it–I’m absolutely addicted to Neko Atsume, the adorable, mindless “Kitty Collector” smartphone game in which you try to lure as many cats as you can to your yard using a variety of tasty treats and goodies. Maybe it’s just that “gotta catch ’em all” mentality that was drilled into my head during my formative years in the mid-’90s, but there’s something incredibly appealing about the sense of accomplishment whenever a new kitty visits my yard, so you’d better believe that I won’t stop until I’ve filled up my “Catbook” with candids of all of them.

▼ Just look at all of that innocent feline fun!


This style of collection game has been blowing up recently in Japan. You can now find all sorts of variations on its basic premise, usually featuringcute animals, but there’s also one in the making where you collect…little girls!?

Starting on on March 7, Japanese iOS/Android users could pre-register for a WhoApp game slated to be released in May called Yojo Atsume, translated literally as “Little Girl Collection.” That title immediately sets off some warning bells, so even though in promotional shots its contents appeared to be fairly harmless, the game was nevertheless removed from the app store after a flood of online criticism.

Just like with Neko Atsume, the overall goal of the game is to collect ’em all, but instead of setting out Deluxe Tuna Bitz for Snowball, Marshmallow, or Joe DiMeowgio, you would be setting out toys such as magical girl wands or idol playing cards to lure in a variety of little girls so you can take their pictures to include in your prized photo collection–which incidentally also lists their personality type, age, number of times they’ve come to play, and a brief description. Of course, you don’t want to capture just any old pictures, but the cutest pictures imaginable as the charming girls play in a local park.

When the game was still listed on the reservation website, its official description included:

“In this age where anyone is considered suspicious just for greeting a young child, we recommend this heartwarming game to you.”

“Recommended for people who:

  • want to be healed
  • like to collect cute things
  • enjoy taking pictures
  • want to forget this cruel age
  • like children”

They’re not really helping matters by reminding us of all the creepy things out there, are they…

▼ “Set out toys…then wait for the girls! Take pictures of them for your album!”


While the future of Yojo Atsume looks murky at the moment, people who had already pre-registered on the app’s site before it was taken down received a message stating that they would be notified if the game is indeed released in the near future. With all the potential for backlash, however, the game’s creators may want to take a second look at some of its content before publishing to ward off even the slightest suggestion of any sexual predation overtones.

As for me, I think I’ll just stick with Snowball and the rest of the kitties, thank you very much.

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