These students achieved what was once thought impossible for conventional paper airplanes by throwing a round-trip flight that returned nearly exactly to where it was launched.

This ground-breaking feat was captured on video and posted to Twitter by Ikuya Hara, and since then it has earned a well-deserved 35,000 retweets and 47,000 favorites.

Although it was only a 24-second flight, the intrepid paper airplane managed to glide a fairly long distance before bending around and returning right to the window from whence it was thrown.


Although the folding technique of this plane was above basic, there doesn’t appear to be anything unique about it to make it boomerang. You can also see the class notes on it indicating that it was just a regular piece of paper.

It would appear that one lucky student happened to throw at just the right moment when a combination of wind shears were blowing with the perfect strength to maintain its altitude and bring it back to the same window.

Another tweet shows how difficult such a flight is to pull off.

They must have made several attempts to get that perfect shot, and this video stands as a testament to what we can accomplish the power of determination. On that note, I think we, as global citizens, should band together as one and decide to make every TV screen and monitor thin and tall like a smartphone screen from now on.

These devices have been on the market for a few years now and it’s clear that humans simply refuse to turn our phones sideways when taking videos. It’s time for some realistic solutions.

Source: Twitter/@ikuya_10969, Twitter/@Tairon_Takahata via Agohige Kaizokudan (Japanese)