Because sometimes simple is best.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to imagining different variations on Hatsune Miku’s appearance, with or without her trademark turquoise twintails. In fact, Japanese Twitter user @mojacookie, a Miku fan, recently paid homage to the vocaloid with an original illustration which has been receiving lots of love from the internet masses. What set @mojacookie’s artwork apart from other artists’ is her choice to use only three colored pencils — red, blue, and yellow — resulting in a simple yet elegant portrait of the world’s most popular virtual singer.


▼ A closer look at the blending detail


In response to curious fans, @mojacookie also uploaded a video of the drawing process to her account, showing her deft application of the three color layers to create a soft, shaded effect:

Net users shared their admiration for the illustration in a series of Twitter comments:

“It’s incredible she drew this using only three colors! I totally respect that.”

“I’ll be waiting patiently for your next work.”

“Please share your talent with me (TT)”

“This Miku has something of a tropical vibe.”

“Using too many colored pencils at once can ruin a picture. You can make any color you need using those three colors. Her drawing is fantastic.”

And since we loved @mojacookie’s work so much, here are a few more of her illustrations!

▼ An illustration for Suana Day

▼ One more high-speed video of @mojacookie at work!

In case anyone was wondering, @mojacookie used Mitsubishi 880 series numbers 2, 15, and 33 colored pencils, which come in a case of 24 total colors. The paper was from a simple A5-sized (148 x 210 millimeters/5.8 x 8.3 inches) sketchbook. Try experimenting the next time you draw by using only a few colors yourself!

Source/Images: Twitter/@mojacookie