It’s not what it looks like, honest.

Japan has long been known for its ridiculous game shows, which often feature some form of humorous(?) physical torture. But is Japanese TV even something that should be emulated? South Korea, which already has its fair share of weird and wonderful shows, apparently thinks so.

This clip from a Korean TV show has been doing the rounds on the internet this week, mostly thanks to its extremely eye-catching premise. While the girls in the clip are not—technically—doing anything sexual, the resulting footage of these very specifically designed challenges very much is.

Watch as the scantily dressed girls partake in various challenges such as using only their mouths to pick up conveniently phallic objects, and putting socks onto a fake leg using just their feet—all shot from some incredibly suggestive camera angles…

This clip comes from Korea’s “No More Show”, an adult-orientated talk-show which, while it may not exactly be the most respectable thing on the box, actually contains zero nudity and mostly features the host chatting with his gorgeous lady guests about a variety of “adult” topics, albeit with a few titillating games and contests thrown in for good measure.

Even so, I think we can agree that the show is pushing the limits of “risqué”, and should probably be reserved for those late-night spots which make the viewer feel vaguely ashamed for still being awake to watch them. After all, can you imagine how awkward it would be to accidentally turn this show on while watching TV with your mother?

Source: Zaeega
Featured image: YouTube/No More Show (edited by RocketNews24)