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Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is just to pretend you’re already there.

Who doesn’t love trolling their friends on Facebook? Whether it’s making ridiculous status updates or posting obviously Photoshopped pictures of yourself with celebrities, it’s great to see your friends make use of all their new reactions.

Most of the time nothing ever comes of it except a few laughs, but sometimes….

A Kenyan woman by the name of Seve Gat’s decided to just have some Facebook fun and uploaded a few pictures of herself Photoshopped into tourist images from China.

Here’s the first pic she posted:

▼ “Haha, classic Seve,” said all her friends probably.

But just one Photoshop wasn’t enough. For the next three days, Seve posted another “photo” of herself in China:

▼ The next day. Just casually hanging out barefoot,
about to fall to her death, no biggie.

▼ The following day. Wow Seve, your feet must’ve been in quite some pain after walking the Great Wall in those shoes!

▼ And the “last day” of her visit. This one is actually not so bad.
If I had literally only one second to look at it, I might not spot the Photoshop.

And usually that’s where the fun ends. But for Seve, it was just beginning.

Kenyan CEO and entrepreneur Sam Gichiru caught wind of Seve’s postings, and decided to make her Photoshop dream a reality. He wrote:

“I like dreamers because I’m a dreamer and my weekend dream is your ticket to Hong Kong (or Beijing), China. If you were serious, I mean really serious, I have good news for you, get your passport ready because your dreams are about to come true.”

In one of the most bizarre and unexpected internet twists in a long time, it seems that Seve will actually be going to China. She made this post to thank her generous benefactor:

While that was all going on, the internet decided to claim Seve for themselves and Photoshop her into a ton of other hilarious locations, and the Twitter hashtag #WhereIsSeveGatsNow blew up. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found:

Sadly, Sam Gichiru has made it clear that he won’t be fulfilling any other Photoshop dreams besides Seve’s, so you might want to come up with another plan to bag yourself a free trip abroad. Perhaps you could do it the old-fashioned way: become a gorgeous woman and stay at a bunch of guys’ houses for free.

Source: Facebook/Steve Gat’s via shanghailist
Featured/top image: Facebook/Steve Gat’s