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“Make love, not war,” right?

A man in Liuzhou City in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was arrested on Thursday last week after local authorities learned that he had been illegally operating a restaurant on a city sidewalk.

The man, whom China’s CCTV News identifies only as a “Mr Huang”, allegedly became upset with the male officer when he refused to listen to Mr Huang’s excuses and permit him to continue operating.

Rather than throwing a punch, however, Huang took the unusual step of planting a kiss right on the officer’s lips…

Mr. Huang was taken into custody immediately after the scuffle that followed, and will reportedly be detained for eight days on charges of interfering with the duties of government officials. There’s still no official word on whether it was the kiss that sealed the deal, however…

Source/featured image: YouTube/CCTV News h/t