If life were like a movie, then it’d have to have a soundtrack, and Japanese net users have found a song that turns any encounter into one of blossoming love.

Movies, anime, even video games, rely heavily on visual presentation, but sound effects and music play a crucial part in story-telling too.

Twitter users in Japan have found that the intro melody of J-pop group Arashi’s song, “Love So Sweet”, instantly lends a heart-skipping, love-sparking atmosphere to just about any scene.

We were pretty skeptical about that, but these brilliant cuts have managed to prove their point!

Free! And the MakoHaru fangirls go wild.


Kuroko no Basuke


Idol Master


Yowamushi Pedal



▼ We’re not too sure about “love”, but the Colossal Titan sure looks less intimidating with that music in the background.


▼ Some scenes have more humorous effects than others.

Death Note or love letter?

▼ Featuring Arashi members Sho Sakurai and Kazunari Ninomiya!


▼ It’s so magical!


What do you think? While the song doesn’t always send hearts and rainbows gushing into the scene, it certainly does change the atmosphere! Test it out on some of your favorite scenes, and share them with us on Twitter @RocketNews24En!

Source: Twitter via Zhaizhai News (1, 2)
Top image: Twitter/@ash_rabbit4