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High quality cinematography and stunning drone shots combine for some beautiful artistry.

There’s no better way to remember a trip to a foreign country than capturing all the amazing moments on video and then editing them into a montage that gives the impression that the trip was a constant whirlwind of excitement. Vincent Urban, who hails from Munich, Germany, is no stranger to this way of presenting his adventures, and his latest compilation, simply titled “In Japan”, has people all over the world gawking.

We think you’ll soon see why:

Four minutes of video doesn’t seem like it would be enough to show all the best parts of a three-week tour of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. However, the way Vincent and his team film the rich culture of Japan interspersed with the technological hustle and bustle of today’s world makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing and go off on an adventure of your own.

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While we can’t all make videos like this to commemorate our own trips to Japan, we’re fairly sure that everyone who travels the country has an experience that’s just as rich and varied—it’s down to you to remember it all as best you can!

Source & Screenshots: Vimeo/Vincent Urban