Now you have even more cute, girly underwear options for protecting your drink’s privates.

Capsule toy vending machines have been helping customers cover up their naked drink bottles with miniature underpants for some time now. Last year, Japanese novelty goods maker Kitan Club released a seven-piece Bottoru no O-Pantsu (“Bottle Underpants”) collection and now they’ve returned with a follow-up range due to be released this month. This time, the little garments are so cute you’ll wish they made them in matching bigger sizes to fit human bodies as well!


▼ First up, there’s the plain and simple pastel pink variety.


PET pants 1

▼ Followed by an adorable plaid tartan style.


▼ Every wardrobe needs a simple striped pair of panties.003

▼ And for a bit of flash, you can bring out the zebra print.


▼ This green pair is designed to resemble a sheer, chiffon panty.


▼ And for a bit of flirty cuteness there’s an adorable bunny, whose face will stretch snugly over the underside of your bottle.


If lady luck is on your side, you might just chance upon a secret seventh design, details of which will only be revealed to the people lucky enough to receive it. Retailing for 200 yen (US$1.85) each, the bottle underpants will be available at gachapon capsule toy vending machines around Japan from April 28.

Source, images: Kitan Club