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All it takes is the “rock” from rock-paper-scissors to get a read on your opponent.

People in Japan have come up with a whole series of ways to read your personality. Whether it’s the shape of your fingernails, your blood type or the second longest finger on your hand, each one is supposed to reveal the way you are to other people.

That’s great in the here and now, but how did the warriors of the past do it? The test is called Kobushi Shindan (literally “Fist Analysis”), which is a way to understand someone’s personality by how they make a fist. The interesting thing to note is that “kobushi” can also be translated as “feudal warrior” or in some cases “samurai”, so while the origins of this personality test are not all that clear, it’d be amusing to picture the great samurai sizing each other up using this method. Apparently, it’s as simple as the three ways to make the “rock” shape from rock-paper-scissors, but it’s supposed to expose the deepest secrets of your heart. So, which one fits you?

1. Someone who rests their thumb on their pointer finger

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What it says about your personality:

You are a strong leader with a sense of justice that likes to help people. You like to guide them and want them to lean on you for support. You’re obsessed with strength, security, stability, and also put a lot of effort into things.

But deep in your heart…

You may seem like a strong person on the outside, but you tend to be naive. You want to be appreciated and needed by others.

As for love…

You want to devote yourself to the one you love and protect him or her. You’re kind and consider the other person more important than yourself. On the other hand, you are bad at expressing yourself with words.

2. Someone whose thumb rests in the middle of their fist

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What it says about your personality:

You are kind, sociable, and often liked by other people. You’re a person who possesses a lot of creativity and can fully exhibit the talents that you have.

But deep in your heart…

You are scared to try new things and you sometimes consider your talents a burden, as you are afraid of failure. You can easily become friends with anyone you meet, but in your heart you search for people who will always support you and help you through your failures.

As for love…

Since you’re afraid of failure, you have a hard time starting new relationships. However, you tend not to be greedy and give off an air of coolness.

3. Someone who tucks their thumb behind their fingers

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What it says about your personality:

You’re a sensitive person and an introvert that often doesn’t reveal your true face. You’re often drawn to jobs that are more creative in nature. You might not have many friends, but have deep relationships with the friends you do have. Your kind personality is much adored by your friends.

But deep in your heart…

Since you put a lot of importance on calmness and stability, you hate conflict. Even if you’re mad, you’ll hide it within your heart. On the outside you may seem to be obedient and sometimes docile, but inside you’re very emotional.

As for love…

You desire a relationship that’s not too close and not too detached. Since you are calm and gentle, you rarely fight with your partner, so you are good at keeping a long relationship.

So what is your fist supposedly saying about you? Do these personality traits match yours? Next time you play rock-paper-scissors with someone, take a look at their “rock”, it might give you deep insight into their heart, and you might be able to trick them into not throwing rock anymore after you thoroughly analyze their grip.

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