Curry and gyoza so hot, it burns—literally.

Ever thought about owning one of those delicious-looking, fake food models Japan is famous for? Getting one custom made can set you back quite a bit, and although you can make your own at the Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya in Asakusa like we did, arts and craft workshops aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of green tea.

Luckily, however, Naooo3 House (pronounced Nao-san House), is here to save the day with their new line of edible-looking Japanese food candles, available now online as part of a collaboration between wacky Japan goods shop Village Vanguard and creative artists.

While Naooo3 House’s previous lines have included fruit, parfait, and everyday items like plastic bottles and deco tape, this time they’ve taken a more traditional route with Japanese food favorites like onigiri rice balls, dumplings, curry and rice, and oden (Japanese stew).



▼ Pan-fried gyoza, anyone?





Not only do all of them look good enough to sink your teeth into, Naooo3 House didn’t cut any corners when designing the way each item is packaged and displayed.

▼ Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlets)


▼ Creampan (Cream-filled bread)


We’re not sure if we’d be able to bring ourselves to actually use each candle as intended, but we’re sure they’d make great home decor pieces or the perfect gift for the Japanese food-lover in your life.

Source: Village Vanguard, Naooo3 House
Feature/insert images: Village Vanguard