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You know it’s high art when you can’t tell if zero effort or a ton of effort went into making it.

We’ve seen hilarious knockoff Chinese goods before, but those have all mostly been attempts at recreating high-end brands, like the PolyStation, Adidos, and, of course, Obama Fried Chicken.

But recently the YouTube channel China Uncensored showed us what happens when the Chinese knockoff producers get their hands on something more innocent: toys for children. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing.

First, here were our favorite toys in the video.

▼ Number ten: Teenage Mutant Ninja… Tortoise!
“Tortoises in a quarter-shell, tortoise energy!”

chinese toys 01

▼ Number nine: Mr. T’s Mighty Car… where he is part of the car!
Am I a terrible person for kind of wanting one?

chinese toys 02

▼ Number seven: Pokyman! I’m not sure if Rostafarian Pikachu is trying to pick me up with that line, but either way, it’s working.

chinese toys 03

▼ Number five: Demon Donkey.
Friendship is… dark magic?

chinese toys 04

If you want to see the rest of the hilarious knockoff toys, then check out the video below! We won’t give away anything, but suffice it to say, you won’t be disappointed!

▼ Unlike the poor, poor children who receive these abominations as gifts…

Source: YouTube/China Uncensored via Vision Times
Featured/top image: YouTube/China Uncensored