Yesterday was Maid’s Day and gorgeous girls from Japan celebrated in the best way possible — with lots of cute poses and photos!

Japan has a day for everything, thanks to a combination of months and days which, when pronounced together with a variety of Japanese, Chinese and English readings, create words which sound similar to a number of well-known products, events or activities. That’s the story behind Honey Day, or Hachimitsu Day, on August 3 (8=hachi 3=mitsu); Gomi Zero Day on May 30 (No Garbage Day [5=go 3=mi 0=zero]); and even “onani,” Masturbation Day on July 10 (0=o 7=na 2=ni 1=i]).

May 10 was also a special day, with the alternate reading for 10, “do”, creating the word “May-do”, making it the perfect day to commemorate Japanese maid culture. Fans and maids alike all had fun celebrating the day on Twitter with the hashtag #メイドの日, “Maid no Hi” or “Maid Day”, and we picked out some of the best to share with you!

To start things off, let’s take a look at some of Japan’s well-known bikini models dressed up in uniform.

▼ 28-year-old gravure idol and pin-up girl Saki Suzuki shared a photo of herself wearing a maid uniform at the age of 18.

▼ Gravure model Nanoka heated things up with an open-backed black-and-white number.

Cosplayers also took advantage of the chance to dress up in honour of Maid’s Day.

▼ Long-time maid cosplayer Monaka Amaguri shared some photos of herself in a number of outfits and scenarios.

▼ While Kazari and Tokiko mixed things up with long maid’s outfits.

▼These girls took to the water for an unusual photo shoot.

▼ And cosplayer Akira Itsuki showed us all why she has 164,000 followers.

Cute idols also got in on the act, bringing attention to their clothing outfits and their musical outfits in the process.

▼ Members of the female idol group Oyayubi Princess, from Ishikawa Prefecture, shared a couple of cat-like poses with the nation.

▼ While Sapporo singer-dancer Yume Mayonaka revealed she’s had experience working as a maid in real life.

▼ Miyako Maikawa, who performs at Akihabara’s Dear Stage venue, shared a few cute poses.

And not to be left out, the girls who actually spend their days working as entertainers in cafes around Tokyo also joined in the fun.

▼ Four of the girls from @home, one of Akihabara’s best-known maid cafes, shared cute photos of themselves in their distinctive brown, white and pink uniforms.

▼ Chocola Kato, the store manager at idol cafe and bar “IDOLmeets”, showed off her versatility in a number of cute outfits.

▼ And finally, even Deadpool sent out a Maid’s Day tweet, along with a cute “moe moe kyun” heart pose.

With all the Twitter excitement surrounding Maid’s Day in Japan we can’t wait to see what next year’s celebrations will bring. Be sure to mark your calendars so you can join in the fun next year!

Source: Kai-You
Top Image: Twitter/@maid_kohaku, Twitter/@itsuki_akira, Twitter/@mo0q0na (edited by RocketNews24)