If you have summer plans, cancel them. You’ll want to be visiting Yamaguchi Prefecture after this!

For most people in Japan, Yamaguchi Prefecture isn’t exactly a “travel destination.” Sure, history buffs will enjoy its various historical locations and fish lovers will definitely want some Yamaguchi fugu (blowfish), but not many are going to make plans to swing by prefecture this summer.

At least, that used to be the case! One Twitter user may have people changing their the summer travel plans thanks his simply stunning photos of the rural prefecture.

“First photo -> What people in the city think Yamaguchi is like
Second, third, fourth photos -> What it’s really like”

▼ I mean, it doesn’t look horrible, but not exactly–




▼ Simply gorgeous!


▼ Lovely!


As one commenter wrote: “I thought they would be even worse than the first, but now I really want to go to Yamaguchi!”

You may not yet be convinced that Yamaguchi is the beautiful prefecture @s_sortie seems to think it is. And if that’s the case, here are a few more photos he’s taken! Now, to be fair, it looks like he’s actually a photographer by trade, so we have a feeling he could make anything look good — but it doesn’t seem like he’d have to try very hard to make the prefecture shine.

▼ Tsunoshima Bridge, connecting the mainland to Tsunoshima Island

▼ Mine City is a great place from some night-time cherry blossom viewing!

Now, before you run off and start packing your bags, we should point out that @s_sortie also tweeted these images a few days ago as well. So, maybe it’s not entirely inaccurate to think that Yamaguchi has a lot of farmland.

▼ Even so, it’s not exclusively farmland.

▼ But even if it were, it’s farmland with some gorgeous views!


▼ Like something out of a Ghibli movie


But if it is farmland you’re after, you might want to head north to Hokkaido instead, where you can find adorable sheep working under the laxest employment contract we’ve ever seen!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/s_sortie
Images: Twitter/s_sortie