lego food top

Just don’t eat them or you’ll be doing something else with those bricks.

We’ve seen some very impressive LEGO creations before, but so far none of them have made me want to actually take a bite out of the plastic bricks themselves.

Until now. Japanese artist Tary has amassed quite a following online for his amazing LEGO creations, the most popular of which are his food designs.

▼ Ooh, pizza with everything on it. Even the rare curvy
lime-green bricks. Delicious!

Here’s a taste of some of the other LEGO food Tary has masterfully cooked up:

▼ A cute little bento box, complete with LEGO chopsticks.

▼ But if you’re ready for dinner, a big tempura don
a bowl of rice with fried shrimp on top.

▼ Or if you’re like me, maybe you prefer a katsu don with fried pork on top.

▼ Don’t forget the kids’ meal! I would totally toot-toot that thing
around the table like nobody’s business.

▼ Ah yes, I always prefer my hamburgers medium-square.

▼ And wash it all down with a milkshake.

If you’re getting hungry just looking at these pictures, then first we recommend getting something to eat – maybe try some KFC chicken nail polish?

Then, after that, give Tary a follow on their personal blog or Twitter so you won’t ever miss a new LEGO lunch item. Just don’t start doing your food shopping at the toy store, you might accidentally eat something not very good for you.

Source: Twitter/@nobu_tary via Design Taxi
Featured/top image: Twitter/@nobu_tary