If the price was a steal, would you be willing to move into a house where the previous owner was murdered?


Two years ago in Chiba Prefecture, the owner of this mansion met a violent death after being stabbed in his home with a tool-like object that police were unable to recover from the scene of the crime.

In Japan, properties that were the sites of suicides or other tragedies are commonly referred to as “accident properties”, and can often be had for much below market value by prospective renters and buyers brave enough to turn these crime scenes into their homes.

This particular mansion is currently up for grabs on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for the extremely low asking bid of 7,560,000 yen (US$69,500) for registered auction participants until May 17. For a house in Japan, it’s unbelievably large, with a dining room and kitchen, toilet and bath, and 10 bedrooms. Just for reference, a somewhat smaller house in this area, without any bad mojo associated with it, would easily run about five or six times the current opening bid price.



That said, due to being left uninhabited after the incident, it would be quite the fixer-upper, since, as you can see from these other photos, the interior of the property isn’t exactly in pristine condition.





But for fans of the occult or houses that could possibly be haunted, the 289.1 m2 (3,112 ft2) property would provide a cushy place to crash after a little bit of DIY or renovation work. Located near Toke Station on the JR Sotobo Line, it’s only about an hour from Tokyo, and a 50 minute ride to Tokyo Disney Resort, where we’re sure Mickey and friends would provide enough distraction to keep your mind off the mansion’s horrific history.

Source: Yahoo! Japan Auctions
Feature/insert images: Yahoo! Japan Auctions