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Here’s a tip: if you’re ever stuck on a giant roach trap, do not let the adhesive get on your nipple.

Most of us would agree that if you’re buying a roach trap, you want the one with the strongest adhesive. After all, every creepy crawly critter that escapes isn’t just one more roach scampering around your home, but a roach scampering around you home that also now has a lust for revenge because of your failed attempt to kill it.

Japanese pest control product company Earth Chemical understands this, and is confident that its Gokiburi Hoi Hoi roach traps can get the job done in protecting you from insect invasions.

▼ Being a Japanese roach trap, of course it’s decorated with charming illustrations.

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To prove just how effective Gokiburi Hoi Hoi is, the company used the exact same adhesive to build a giant roach trap, some 929 times bigger than the off-the-shelf version.

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With such a large trap, Earth Chemical decided to test it against larger game: man. Specifically, they set up an experiment in which one of their researchers, a sprinter, and a sumo wrestler tried to run across the trap, and recorded the results.

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The researcher is the first to give it a go. Despite being billed as the most intelligent of the challengers, his confident stride is halted almost immediately by the sticky surface, to which he tumbles in a vain effort to break free.

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Next up, the speedy sprinter also proves unable to escape the giant Gokiburi Hoi Hoi, even after losing his shoes and socks in the attempt.

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Finally, even the mighty sumo wrestler proves to be no match for Earth Chemical’s adhesive.

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We feel especially bad for the big guy after he tumbles because of the behind-the-scenes footage in the experiment’s “making of” video.

While the researcher and sprinter can remove or cut away their outer garments to make their extraction easier, all of that super-sticky substance is attaching itself directly to the skin (and nipple) of the sumo wrestler.

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But why exactly does Earth Chemical feel the need to test its products against creatures so much larger than the roaches they’re used to catch? Because it’s planning for the future! The live-action adaptation of science fiction anime/manga Terra Formars, in which the heroes battle against humanoid cockroaches, is now playing in theaters, and as part of a cross-promotion, Earth Chemical wants to be ready should the day come when the events shown in the film become a reality.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that such giant creatures are indeed going to be a part of our future. However, with enough Gokiburi Hoi Hois set up in your home, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll catch any wild sumo wrestlers scampering across your kitchen floor and looking for crumbs.

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Source, images: YouTube/EarthChemical