Even coffee cups have a wardrobe these days.

Some believe that clothes make the man. At some places in South Korea, it appears clothes may even make the coffee, as some coffee cups have taken to dressing up!

Café Adagio is a coffee chain managed by the people behind the international bakery and cafe franchise Paris Baguette. The coffee brand’s claim to fame is its variety of quality beverages available at affordable prices, and they come in adorably fashionable cups to boot!

▼ Check out their little fedora hats and vests!



▼ This is what the paper cups look like under their “clothes”.


▼ They have sailor uniforms too!

▼ Even their off-the-shelf products and roll cakes come in their signature little tux.



If you’re travelling in South Korea, and require a daily dose of caffeine to kickstart your day, you might want to check out Café Adagio!

Source: Paris Baguette via Zhaizhai News
Top image: Instagram/kimmoonkyu