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The goddess of love and beauty is now equipped for a world of blood and guts.

Last year, Japanese figure company Figma released its vision of what the famous Greek statue Venus de Milo would look like if the 2,100-year-old sculpture still had its arms. The designers took the route of giving Venus elegantly slender and ladylike arms, made out of the same material as the rest of the statue.

▼ Available here through Amazon Japan for 4,500 yen (US$41)

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The final product was attractive enough that Japanese Twitter user Enamel Merumeru decided to pick one up for himself. Like many figure enthusiasts, though, eventually he got the urge to tinker with and customize the figure to his own tastes, and he had something in mind other than smooth, faux-marble appendages.

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Enamel Merumeru realized that he could pop out the Figma Venus’ arms and replace them with the similarly sized limbs of a figure from the competing Revoltech line, specifically those of dwarf princess Ymir from fighting female franchise Queen’s Blade. That also meant the overhauled Venus now had the hands necessary to wield Ymir’s scarlet halberd.

▼ Crushing skeletons is apparently really tiring work.

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But Enamel Merumeru wasn’t quite done upgrading the war-making capabilities of the love goddess.

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With such a varied and intimidating arsenal, she’s now more than a match for the multi-armed yet unarmed Vitruvian Man figure, and considering all his lack of pants plus all the slicing and snapping Venus brings to the fight, he should probably be incredibly careful.

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