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Sometimes it’s better to make your own choices in life.

One thing that’s always confused me about Japanese culture is the concept of omakase. Meaning “I leave it up to you,” it’s a phrase that’s often used at restaurants when the diner allows the chef to pick what ingredients go into the meal.

Granted, if it’s your first time eating a particular type of cuisine, I can understand placing yourself in an expert’s capable hands, but I generally know my own preferences, and I’m not too eager to open myself up to the possibility of someone incorrectly guessing what they are when I’m getting stuck with the bill. And for another example of how omakase can go wrong, consider the case of Japanese Twitter user @kohaku_komugi and his cat.

Granted, @kohaku_komugi is the owner of multiple felines, and it probably would get a little tiresome having to decide and explain exactly how he wants their coats trimmed each and every time they get too shaggy. So when he noticed his cat’s hair had grown this long…

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…he took it in for a trim, and asked the pet groomer for simply “short omakase,” leaving the details other than the length to the professional.

The result was this:


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“I got too caught up in trying to keep the roundness of its face that it ended up looking like Doraemon,” explained the groomer. I’m not sure that’s really not such an apt analogy, though.

▼ Doraemon, ready for another whimsical adventure!

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▼ @kohaku_komugi’s cat, ready to shank someone in a prison shower!

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But hey, maybe the beloved anime cat had a gritty reboot I just didn’t hear about.

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Source: Twitter/@kohaku_komugi
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