Notebook and diary planner posts from a Japanese artist offer a small peek into the inner lives of ordinary people.

As part of an exhibit that was showcased at the Nakameguro Art Gallery Picaresque earlier this year, one artist decided to showcase different people’s daily thoughts and lives by offering to buy their old notebooks and planners for 1,000 yen (US$ ) a piece. For those that volunteered to give up their old scribbles, it was a win-win situation, allowing them to get rid of clutter for a small profit.

In addition, the artist also created a Twitter account under the handle @note_collector, where he or she would post some of the best pages discovered while looking for entries to feature as pieces for the exhibit, and these are just a few of our favorite pages that got scanned and posted:

“A random photographer appeared from behind this Dior clipping.”

At a first glance, he strangely resembles U.S. Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders.

“This person mapped out all their worries about getting a divorce.”

“I want to live alone. But what if I can’t? What am I going to do with my wedding dress? Pawn it? What if all the other moms talk? That would be awful.”

Well, if she did indeed end up getting the divorce, no one can say she didn’t think things through first…

▼ “Written all in hiragana, this one reads like a Famicon (NES) game dialogue screen.”

“As soon as you get off the phone, go see the Mochizuki Detective Agency.”

This next one comes from a parent/child sketchbook.

▼ Enlarged view

It appears that this parent’s artistic genes didn’t quite get passed on to their kid…

New year, new beginnings! But it looks like this person’s New Years Resolution isn’t getting off to a great start…

▼ “I want to lead a more positive lifestyle. Maybe it’s impossible. It’s winter, after all. Sometimes my feelings pull me two different directions and it gives me chills. Today was like that so I just slept on and off and did some reading. Tomorrow I want to tidy up my room and research more diet info.”

▼ Eventually they got started on that diet six months later with this 1-minute workout plan.

1. Stretch your whole body, then squat down and place your arms on the floor.
2. Put all of your weight on your arms, and then stretch your body out.
3. Return to stretching your whole body out again and then repeat for 30 seconds. Then run in place for 30 seconds.

We assume that they stopped after three days because they weren’t seeing much of a result.

Then there’s this person who took a different diet approach:

9/14 Apple Diet
9/15 Ate too many apples! Omg I’m so dumb.
9/16 Why am I so dumb?! Ate two ice creams and some cookies at the park.
9/17 Apples, tofu, plums
9/19 Started cycling
9/20 Interview from 10:15 a.m.
9/25 Went to Dotour [A popular cafe chain in Japan]
9/29 Going to UNIQLO [A popular clothing chain in Japan]

The road may have been bumpy at first, but in the notes section claims she was able to lose enough weight to fit in the outfit she wanted to wear.

On that note, if you’re considering an apple diet, don’t eat too many in one go or it looks like you’re going to have a bad time.

Those interested in seeing more entries can find them on Twitter @note_collector or visit the project’s website here.

Source: Twitter/@note_collector (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), Note Collector
Feature/top image: Twitter/@note_collector