From well-known anime characters to traditional Japanese imagery, this artist creates an astonishing amount of detail with card and a paper cutter.

Attention to detail and beauty amongst the smallest of things is always captivating, and when it’s done at the hands of a skilled professional, the results can often blow us away. That’s certainly the case with the extraordinary paper craft of Mr Riu, a Japanese artist who’s built up an impressive portfolio of paper-craft works with the help of some card and a paper cutter. Mr Riu has created gorgeous pieces of art, filled with amazing details and dozens of tiny images that have us peering deep into the depths of each picture, making it almost impossible to look away.

To get an idea of the attention to detail contained in each artwork, these are some of the tiny cutouts made during the process.

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next work started…

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This piece, titled “Samurai Spirit”, shows a variety of different details, including falling sakura cherry blossom petals, the word “samurai” written in both English and Japanese, and three different warrior silhouettes contained within one striking image.

Some of his pieces, like this one, entitled, “Negative Twelve Leaves (Zenflower10)”, are so delicate they look like lace.

The “Mandala with 21 circles (Zenflower09)” is equally as beautiful and intricate.

The Zen Flower series draws attention to the beauty and importance of light and shade and negative space.

The paper cut-outs look even more spellbinding when held up to a light source.

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. Light and Shadow .

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There are a number of contemporary artworks in his collection too, which start with just a small section.

Before gradually growing into a gigantic masterpiece.

Whether it’s an emotion or a cute animated character, their essence can be captured in a paper cut-out.

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. It's always difficult for me to answer each questions by my followers and everyone. So, sometimes I answer frequently asked questions like this. . What kind of paper do you use? What brand of knife do you use? ↓It's below↓ kind of paper : colored wood-free paper paper(basis) weight : 125-128g/㎡・1sheet paper(ream) weight : 115kg/788mm×1091mm×1000sheets paper thickness : 0.15-0.16mm knife : swivel knife(SW-600GP)-manufactured by "Japanese NT-cutter" . What brand of paper do you use? →I use no-brand paper. The most important thing for me is thickness. I can't cut out too much thick paper. It take me a heavy stiff neck or stiff back. . How do you erase the pencil lines after you've finished them? →I stack two sheet of paper together and cut them out at the same time, one is drawing paper and another one is for work. So, there is no need for me to erase the pencil lines. For your information :) Thanks! . #papercut#paperart#paperwork#Pharrell#happy#切り絵

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Robonyan from the popular anime franchise Yokai Watch is filled with a huge number of tiny details.

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. finished!! the title: Promise 〜Change the future with your shining eyes〜 . The name of this character is "Robonyan". Robonyan is one of the character of the most popular TV anime "Yo- kai Watch" with Japanese children right now. My 6-year-old son love to watch the TV programs and picture books. The title "Promise" of this work include a promise that I make Robonyan work for him. At the same time, That include my wish that I want him to become a man of his word. In the anime, it's setting that Robonyan came from far future. The another theme of this work is "War and Peace" and "Co-existence between People and Nature". The works of Studio-Ghibli "Nausicaa""Laputa" inspired me to face the good and evil in my heart. I think Hayao Miyazaki is truly a genius. I'm just hoping that my work guide my son (and everyone) to peace on earth. 6歳の息子にロボニャン切り絵を作ってあげると約束したものの、色々切り上げたいものを優先していたら、かれこれ半年は経ち、ようやく完成に至りました。この作品は息子との大事な約束そのもので、何があってもちゃんと約束は守る、子供にはそんな人になってほしいという願いを込めてPromiseというタイトルにしています。 また、尊敬する宮崎駿先生のナウシカとラピュタを中心に、神と自然に囲まれている人類の、愚かさと叡智、そして地球の未来を描いています。樹木が地中の有毒物を無毒化した末の腐海の底の清浄空間、ロボット兵が巨神兵の亡骸に花を手向け小鳥が集い、金糸状触手でナウシカを救っている穏やかな王蟲がいる部分、その「平和」な世界に差し込む光はロボニャンの右目から注がれているのですが、子供たちにはその輝く瞳で未来をしっかり見据えて、平和な地球を作り燦々と自分たちの未来を照らしてほしい、そう願って目をくり抜いています。正解なんてない、考えてほしい、そして君たち自身で未来を明るく照らしてほしいという願いです。欲を言うなら、この私の願いに対して子供たちがそれを「約束」してくれたら最高に嬉しいんだけどなあ、との希望も込めながら。。 . #Robonyan#YokaiWatch#Nausicaa#Laputa#studioGhibli#peaceonearth#coexistence#ロボニャン#妖怪ウォッチ#ナウシカ#ラピュタ#ジブリ#mr_riuworks

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Including cut-out images from the Studio Ghibli animated film Castle in the Sky.

And Totoro looks absolutely beautiful, surrounded by black soot sprites and other adorable details.

Showing such immense skill, the artist has been receiving recognition for his impressive work, with the Maple Peacock being awarded first prize in a competition held by online photo-sharing platform Instagram.

The story of the Maple Peacock is just as intriguing as the artwork itself.

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the title: the maple peacock A new spiecies of peacock what it was said that he is phantom was discovered in Japan in this summer 2015. That peacock has 9 wings like maple leaf. It is said that the first discoverer changed into black clothes head-to-toe to take the brilliant appearance like jewel to the photo without leaving, and then he approached slowly slowly slowly, and challenged the shooting. The lives of that peacock is not known yet well and shrouded in mystery, but there is only one thing what we know about him. He would give a lot of things to those who touched his delicate body. For example, ultimate nervousness, concentration, patience, creativity, and big dream… The first discoverer says as follows: "I was so lucky that I have met him, but I think it was not coincidence. Because, I continued to pursue the possibility day after day, squinted to glimmer of distant little hope, and I was prepared to receive a good luck with steady search. Perhaps, we do not give up and continue doing our favorite, I am sure there is only one thing what we need." That peacock was named "the maple peacock" to the first discoverer, after shooting he became free again. He will be appearing in unexpected places like Phoenix. So, for example, tonight, he might go to see you. Are you ready to meet him? That is very very important. May "the maple peacock" for you be with you!!

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To see more of the artist’s ethereal creations, be sure to check out his paper cut blog or follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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Top Image: Instagram/mr_riu