Trading a library for a canoe course wouldn’t be an entirely bad deal.

On my very first day of college, my first class was let out after just five minutes because of weather-related reasons. It was a sweltering Southern California morning, and the building’s air conditioning unit had broken down, turning the classrooms into stuffy, sweaty compartments that no one, professors included, wanted to spend two hours inside of.

Still, those conditions weren’t nearly as bad as the ones that students and staff had to contend with this week at Korea’s Yonsei University, as shared by Japanese Twitter user @yomitaiyomekure.

FS 1

The storm that came through Seoul on Monday severely flooded the school’s library. While these photos might have you thinking that Yonsei is some cut-corner institution of higher learning, it’s actually one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, regularly considered to be one of the country’s top three schools. What’s more, the campus recently underwent a 90 billion-won (US$77.1 million) renovation, but even that pricey investment apparently didn’t provide sufficient drainage.

▼ From now on, whenever anyone starts a phone conversation with “Guess where I’m calling from,” I’m making “flooded library” my first guess.

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Still, some felt like this was th perfect opportunity to grab a canoes or meditation spot…or perhaps they grabbed their cameras and PCs for a little photo-editing.

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So while the flooding probably kept plenty of students from working on their research projects, it didn’t stop them from improving their physical and mental health.

Source: Twitter/@yomitaiyomekure (1, 2, 3, 4) via Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter/@yomitaiyomekure

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