It’s always good to be prepared for the worst.

For a long time, Japan thought of itself as separate from the part of the world that dealt with terrorism. But in recent years, terrorism has been getting closer to Japan, both inside the country and outside of it.

The number one precaution that anyone can take against terrorism or any other danger is being prepared, and to help make Japanese people more aware of what to do if ever caught in a life-threatening situation, Japanese Twitter artist @Yupendy_ recently posted a short infographic she drew after undergoing terrorism preparedness training in the U.S.

Here’s the original tweet with translations below:

Terrorism Preparedness
What to do if you’re caught in a terrorist situation…

1) Get in the habit of checking where exits and emergency exits are.

2) Your survival rate goes up significantly if you’re nearby large poles or partition walls.

3) When “something” happens, don’t go toward it, run away. Don’t take pictures with your phone. Don’t rubberneck. Even if you panic, don’t stand still.

4) In the case of gunfire or a bomb, get away by crouching. Heads can be blown off by explosion blasts alone. Get your head down as much as possible and escape. If your legs get hurt, then crawl away. Playing dead will not work.

5) Even if you lose sight of people, don’t go looking for them. If you can’t escape the building or area, then hide alone in a safe place

6) In the case of chemical weapons, a handkerchief can mean the difference between life and death, so always have one on you if possible.

Things that do stop bullets:
– Walls not made out of wood (walls in public facilities are reliable)
– Large trees
* I was told it’s best not to think of any area as safe

Things that do not stop bullets:
– Trashcans
– Flower vases
– Wooden counters (also doors, desks, walls, etc.)
– Theater seats
– Car doors

If you are taken hostage by terrorists that oppress and kill, your chance of survival is less than 30 percent.

Run * Don’t record it * Don’t fight

It’s very stressful to go about your daily life thinking about terrorism. Rather than becoming paranoid, it’s best to try and just take the above as common sense.

Phew! If you weren’t stressed out yet today, then chances are you probably are now. But just like @Yupendy_ said, it’s best to try and not worry too much, and just keep the tips in the back of your head and make them part of your instincts.

For those who want to stay as vigilant as possible though, here’s two more tips that were added later:

“Oh! Once you’ve gotten away, shut off your cell phone.
If it rings, they will be able to find out where you are.”

“Also, keeping your mouth open may help prevent
the explosion sounds from blowing out your eardrum.”

Hopefully none of us will ever need to make use of any of the terrorism prevention tips, but the first step to peace of mind is being ready to handle any situation that could arise.

Source: Twitter/@Yupendy_ via NetLab