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Osaka University’s PnueHound looks as excited to see us as we are to see it.

The members of Osaka University’s Adaptive Robotics Lab are highly skilled in design and engineering. For proof, look no further than this recently released video which showcases their latest creation: a quadrupedal robot that moves via a set of pneumatic artificial muscles.

As a matter of fact, even if you’re not into science and technology, watch the video anyway, because the robot is adorable.

The robot is called PnueHound, and it’s easy to see where they got the name. With its short, stubby legs and thick midsection, it moves and looks like an excited, chubby puppy.

▼ Yes, they’re showing off its flexibility here at the video’s 0:21 mark, but it also looks like they’re trying to teach it to sit.

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Adding to the canine atmosphere is the fact that PnueHound, in its present state, is accompanied by a handler who holds its cord, which makes the duo look like a proud pet owner taking his robo pooch out for a walk.

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Make that a brisk walk, since PnueHound can reach speeds of up to 9.5 kilometers (5.9 miles) per hour

▼ “Okay, boy, that’s enough for today.”

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The mental connection isn’t lost on PnueHound project leader and professor Koh Hosoda, either.

And yes, U.S.-based Boston Dynamic’s BigDog is the more robust robot, but take a look at the frightening behemoth’s eerie strides.

Now tell us, which would you rather have running to the door to greet at the end of the day? We know which one we’d pick.

▼ “I’m home!”

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Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/Koh Hosoda

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