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It’s hard to tell in this video whether this cat riding a scooter is enjoying it or hanging on for dear life, but it seems to be doing okay!

In the video, which is said to have been filmed in Thailand, we can see a black and white cat standing on its hind paws clinging onto the back of the driver’s shirt.

I’ve heard of the cat in the hat but never the cat on the bike – and by the shock of the voices of the people shooting this footage it seems as if it is not really common practice in Thailand either.

▼ Check out the video below.

At first, the cat appears to be stuck in the arms-wide-spread position too afraid to move but then suddenly turns around to look at the camera as if to say, “What? Haven’t you ever seen a cat riding a bike before?”

▼ Just another day taking my cat for a spin

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One witty viewer of the video commented that this is “definitely illegal” because the “cat isn’t wearing a helmet”.

I don’t think the poor thing can even see where it’s going – just a blind joy ride. Not only is the cat trying to avoid falling off a moving vehicle, it is also battling the elements on a rainy day without an umbrella. At least the man driving the scooter is protecting the cat from the full force of the wind and rain.

▼ “Yes, I’m a cat. And I’m riding a scooter.”

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But of course this is all conjecture – the cat may have ridden the scooter a million times before and has grown up riding motorbikes! One thing we can say with confidence is that this cat sure has puurfect balance.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is safe for a cat to be riding a scooter?

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Images: YouTube/ViralHog