The Fox God and the Metal God choose their avatars for a collaboration that is pure metal!

The heavy metal world has never seen anything like BABYMETAL before, so there are bound to be more and more unique situations that you’d never think was possible as the band continues its meteoric rise. Like, how about BABYMETAL performing Judas Priest covers with Rob Halford, Judas Priest’s own legendary vocalist?

At the Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, Fueled by Monster Energy Drink, attendees were treated to a performance that would have been unthinkable five years ago. A Metal God and Japanese school girls shredding some Judas Priest? It just has to be seen and heard to believe it.

▼ If you want to skip the intro, head to around 1:10, where the music begins.

Covering two classic Judas Priest songs, the band is joined by leather-clad Rob Halford as he and lead singer Su-metal belt their way through “Painkiller” before Yuimetal and Moametal joined them with guitars to perform “Breaking the Law”. While the performance of “Painkiller” was a little rough around the edges, we still enjoyed it and we also have to say we thought they did a great job with “Breaking the Law”.

Both parties seemed really enthusiastic about the performance and Halford himself said, “They’re leading the charge into a new frontier of heavy metal.”

After this performance with such a heavy metal icon, we can’t wait to see who else BABYMETAL will work with in the future. We just hope whoever that is can keep up with the high-energy, intense dynamism that BABYMETAL brings to the stage.

▼ This is, unfortunately, less metal.

Source: Barks
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Featured Image: Twitter/@BABYMETAL_JAPAN