It’s hard to touch money when the person on the note is popping its head out, glaring at you from the bill.

The world’s biggest figure festival, “The Wonder Festival”, held its summer convention in Chiba Prefecture in Japan on 24 July, and one of the items on sale there has been impressing everyone around the country with its incredible real-life likeness to a well-known historical figure. The small magnet, created by talented Japanese modeller Yuuki Iwakane, was designed to look like Yukichi Fukuzawa (1835 – 1901), the famous Japanese author, translator, teacher, and entrepreneur who founded Keio University and is widely considered to be one of the founders of modern Japan.

▼ Fukuzawa pictured during a trip to Paris in 1862.


The magnet replicates Fukuzawa in his most widely recognised portrait, which appears on the Japanese 10,000 yen bill.


What makes the item so striking is the fact that it’s the exact same shape and size as the face that appears on the bill, complete with a similar shading that gives it a stunning 3-D effect, making it look as if the important historical figure is coming out of the note and into the real world.

If there’s ever any reason for you to post a 10,000 yen bill to the door of a refrigerator, this magnet, with its eerie features, will be sure to make people think twice about touching it!

The unpainted resin kits for making the magnets were on sale at The Wonder Festival for 600 yen (US$5.65) each or 500 yen for plain kits without magnet backings. Iwakane plans to make his designs available via mail order from his online blog, where you can also see more of his amazing works, including a mould of Tommy Lee Jones. Be sure to stop by to see all the details behind his designs!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@iwaiwakanekane
Insert Images: Wikimedia Commons/Per Honor et GloriaWikimedia Commons/Fer1997