Whether you’re at a festival or playing Pokémon Go outdoors, now you can protect yourself from nasty mozzie bites with a full-body mosquito net!

After bringing us the amazing “twintails pillow” and the bizarre “cotton wife“, Japanese novelty goods manufacturer Bibi Lab is back to thrill us again, and this time they’re tackling the problem of bug bites in summer with a new garment called the “Netsmen Wearable Mosquito Net”.


Given that mosquitos are attracted to dark colours, these suits come in pastel shades as added protection for keeping those nasty bugs at bay. In keeping with Bibi Lab’s humorous, tongue-in-cheek approach to their products, the three designs in the range are sold under amusing names.

▼ Below, left to right: The pink “Celestial Maiden Plumage”; the “Blue Summer Sky Shower”; and the “White Tiger Pied-à-terre”.


Each suit is made from an ultra-fine 1 millimetre mesh, which is finer than the 1.4 millimetre netting usually found on most screen doors. With the suit completely covering every inch of exposed skin, you can wear as little as you like underneath without having to worry about being bitten by mosquitos!


▼ For full protection, the company suggests spraying bug repellant on the suit before putting it on.


And if you find you need to go to the toilet while wearing the suit, there’s a handy zip section on the bottom area so you can do your business while still remaining covered up!


Even if you’re too embarrassed to wear the suit out in public, you can still put it to use around the home by wearing it when doing household chores like weeding and taking out the trash.


The suits are machine washable and retail for 6,600 yen (US$63), excluding tax. They can be purchased from the Bibi Lab website or from online retailers like Amazon, Village Vanguard, Animate, or Rakuten.

Source, Images: BIBILAB