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Apparently the old adage that sex sells even applies to beef noodle restaurants.

The “Dameng Beef Noodles” restaurant has risen to fame in Taiwan but it’s not the food that’s attracting all of the attention. Instead, it’s shop owner Dameng Meizi, who has managed to lift the profile of her shop by dressing in revealing outfits and cosplay uniforms. No one ever said beef noodles and bunny girl outfits don’t mix!

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Dameng Meizi worked as a video game broadcaster from November 2015 until March this year when she announced she would launch a noodle shop with investment money collected from her friends – and the store has already been inundated with customers and fans.

▼ Dameng Meizi’s Instagram account tells us that she isn’t too camera shy.

The restaurateur has received criticism for her outfits but she claims that she was wearing revealing clothes even before she opened the shop saying, “This is how I was before.” She says she had no intention of using sexy outfits to sell her food – she wants to be “successful through taste”.

See this video below of Dameng Meizi running her shop — as well as customers that might be there for more than just the culinary delights.

The price for a bowl of beef noodles is 90 Taiwan dollars (about US$2.83). The shop also serves gyoza and other side dishes.

▼ Here is a photo of the Dameng Beef noodles…

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▼ …and delicious-looking gyoza!

If you are keen to check it out Dameng Beef Noodles, the restaurant is located at No. 78, Heping St, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 235.

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