Yet another example of how tigers shamelessly show no regard for the personal property of others.

An unfortunate couple were victims of a brazen daylight theft at Badaling Safari World in Beijing earlier this month. Seemingly unconcerned that it was being videoed during the crime, we can watch the tiger easily peel off the couple’s front bumper as if it were made of paper.

Keeping an eye on the humans so they don’t call the cops, the large cat first sniffs around the front of their car.

Then it makes its move and yanks off the bumper effortlessly.

Cautiously backing away with the booty, the tiger then takes it into the trees and chews on it for a while before (we assume) selling it for drugs.

Later in the video we see that the couple had their car part returned with a few alterations in the form of bite and/or claw marks. Possibly the feline felon was so high on meth that it expected some meat to be on there.

Of course, the bumper was recovered by park staff and not the couple themselves. It should go without saying that you should ever exit a vehicle in a safari park, no matter what the animals are stealing from you.

Unfortunately, one month earlier in this same park a woman was killed and another seriously injured when one of them got into an argument with another person in the car and stepped outside for only a moment to change seats.

It’s just a reminder that keeping those doors shut can mean the difference between a fun (though perhaps costly) memory and a tragic incident.

Source: YouTube/AsiaRawNews via Toychan
Images: YouTube/AsiaRawNews