It’s a parent’s prerogative to do adorable things to their babies and fur babies.

In the hot and muggy summer months, pet owners will sometimes shave the hair on their cat or dog in order to keep the animal cool. The post-haircut pictures are always worth a chuckle because the head and tail are usually left alone in all their furry glory. One Taiwanese resident takes the grooming to the next level and leaves certain areas of fur untouched in order to fulfill a self-satisfying need to embarrass her pet raccoon!

▼ This haircut is so ridiculous and amazing.

▼ Every picture is a perfect shot of awesomeness.

▼ Adorable, just adorable.

This super cute white raccoon is named Uni and has the fortunate (or unfortunate) pleasure of sporting a ridiculous paw print cut-out on its fur. For those who are wondering how they can get their own white raccoon, you should know that the laws in Asia about keeping exotic animals, including Taiwan where Uni lives, are very different from Western countries. There are also apparently no laws against cutting out an incorrect paw print on an animal’s back, because that sure doesn’t look like a raccoon print to us!

▼ It’s clear this owner really “hearts” their raccoon!

Uni’s owner has posted thousands of pictures about living with this white fur ball and Uni seems to be one happy raccoon.

Source: Facebook/uniraccoon
Top image: Facebook/uniraccoon