This video of one dog’s paddling is setting Twitter ablaze.

If the internet’s proved anything time and time again, it’s that people love seeing funny pictures and videos of cute animals, even if the animals themselves don’t always appear so thrilled.

Japanese Twitter account Doubutsu Paradise (Animal Paradise) delivers just that, and one recently posted video has especially been setting off sparks among users.

▼ “This doggie turns into a sparkler when he gets upset.”

Many were amused by this particular pooch’s reaction to being held over water, and couldn’t help but pass the video on.

Although at first glance this may look like a poor way to handle dogs that have an aversion to water, and was captioned as such, it’s actually called “air swimming” and is something some dogs do when they’re held above water. You can find entire online communities dedicated to this strange, but seemingly natural, behavior.

Comparing the two however, you can see our “sparkler dog” seems much more enthusiastic about his dip into the pool!

If your dog isn’t quite as excited about the idea of water, however, he or she may require a lot of practice, treats, and encouragement during bath time play or with a kiddie pool before he’s ready to go for a swim.

Source: Twitter/@zoo_pradise, Imgur/14d
Feature/top image: Twitter/@zoo_pradise