Read on to find out what kind of skeletal structure, lifespans, and breeding habits Pokémon would likely have if they were real.

If you’ve ever struggled to pay attention in biology class, perhaps Christopher Stoll’s art will inspire you to hit the books. A long-time fan of anatomical structure, he’s been creating body form-based art ever since he was a child.

Originally from the U.S., he moved to Japan in 2011 to study at Kanda University and then, in 2013, relocated to Fukuoka. 2013 is also when Stoll began his career as a freelance artist, earning recognition and international attention for his renditions of Disney Princesses as Avenger characters.

Since then he’s published three illustration books through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, including A Natural History of the Fantastic, depicting the anatomy and evolution of mythological beings often seen in works of fantasy.

Following last month’s release of the much-anticipated Pokémon Go, Stoll began a new series of anatomically correct Pokémon illustrations, called PokéNatomy, which has quickly become another viral hit. It’s easy to see why, too! Just look at his take on Pikachu, which is even more amazing than this Japanese professor’s sketch we featured last year.

If that’s not enough for you, here are just a few of our other favorites:

Not only are we impressed with Stoll’s creativity and amazing attention to detail, but it’s hard to believe that each drawing was completed in four hours or less on an iPad.

Though the series is still a work in progress, Stoll says he plans to eventually illustrate all 151 Pokémon, and fans of his work can vote for which characters they’d like to see completed next on his DeviantArt page.

Source, images: Imgur/ChristopherStollDeviantArt/Christopher-Stoll