Transport yourself to a bustling, real-life anime world with this breathtaking photo collection.

Tokyo is always a fascinating place to visit at any time of the day, but at night the city truly comes to life, with colour, noise, and walls of neon lights and LED screens. Brussels-based photographer Xavier Portela recently captured the spirit of the vibrant metropolis at night, in a mesmerising photo collection called “Tokyo’s Glow”, which bathes well-known streetscapes in a soft pink hue, enhancing their beauty and giving them an otherworldly, anime-like appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful city scenes below.

▼ We’re welcomed into the warm glow of one of Tokyo’s busiest enclaves, Shinjuku.


The narrow side streets of Shinjuku make for a warm and inviting environment, with the pink colours softening the glare of neon signs advertising everything from restaurants to electronics and karaoke.



The Sega Building looks just like an illustrated backdrop you’d see in an animated movie.


▼ Even the entrance to Kabukicho’s crowded Ichibangai looks pretty in pink!


The area surrounding Shinjuku’s famous Robot Restaurant, which can be seen on the bottom left of the image below, is one of the busiest and brightest places in the capital.


Further out from Shinjuku is Shinagawa Station, which looks much less crowded but just as beautiful, with the glow of pink making it look like a quiet resort town.


In striking contrast is the area at the front of Shibuya Station, pictured here in a calm moment just before hundreds of pedestrians spill out to cross the busy intersection.


Known as the world’s busiest intersection, it’s said that 500,000 people use the scramble crossing at Shibuya each day.


Above the crowds of people, the lights and billboards of Tokyo are an ever-present part of the nightlife that makes the city so beautiful and unique.



And in amongst it all are individuals, visiting, working, or living in a busy world that’s far bigger than themselves.


Imbued with the beauty of a warm pink glow, these atmospheric city scenes express everything we love about Tokyo, with its busy, crowded narrow streets filled with noise and life, yet also filled with a warmth and calmness that comes from the polite, ordered, gentle nature of its citizens.


If these photos have inspired you to pack a bag and buy a one-way ticket to Tokyo, you might want to check out more of Xavier’s photos on Behance or on Society6, where prints from his “Tokyo’s Glow” collection are available to purchase. And to see more beautiful shots from around the world, you can follow the photographer on Instagram, or visit his website, where there are more stunning destinations to inspire you to travel!

Source: Iroiro
Images: Behance/Xavier Portela