This week’s sexiest GIF award goes to Chinese pop idol Cheng Xiao.

A GIF of Chinese pop idol Cheng Xiao’s appearance on the Korean variety TV show “Pitch King” has gone viral and it’s not just because of the quality of her pitch. Though Xiao, dressed in full cosplay as Chun Li from Capcom’s Street Fighter game series, does throw in some impressive acrobatic moves just prior to releasing her pitch.

You can check out the GIF of her pitch here:


Xiao, who is a member of the South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls, shows off her flexibility by tying her shoelaces while doing the splits and then performs a back flip and a couple of flips before releasing the ball.


I’m not sure how the moves contributed to the strength of the pitch but if she’s working on the element of distraction it probably worked. Whatever the case, it has definitely increased her fan base around the world – or at least her male fan base.

You can see her whole performance here from around the 12-minute mark:

Cheng Xiao’s moves may not be best suited for the baseball field but they seem to do very well on the dance floor. You can see Xiao here in a music clip of one of Cosmic Girls hit songs.

▼ “Catch Me” music video by Cosmic Girls

Source: Livedoor, Asian Junkie
Top Image: YouTube/WJSN우주소녀정거장